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Our Free Ride Back Program

Don't take a chance. Take a taxi.

So, you had a few drinks too many at your favorite bar/restaurant - or any drinks at all. That's not the time to get behind the wheel. We can help.
With our Free Ride Back program, call Yellow Cab for a taxi cab ride home tonight. In the morning, we'll give you a ride back to the bar/restaurant where you left your car - for free. When you call for your taxi, make sure you tell our service representative that you want a "Free Ride Back."

Here’s how it works:

Simply call 386.255.5555 and tell the service representative that you want to use the "free ride back service" and give them the information of the restaurant or bar that you (are at) will need a ride from and where you will be going. the driver will give you a "free ride back" card when he takes you home, call us the next morning give the service representative the 6 digit number and we will take you back to your car for free*. If we can help keep the streets safer, we’re more than willing to help.

When you’re out on the town and feel you’ve had too much to drinkYellow Cab will drive you back to your car the next day free of charge. It’s very important to call from where your vehicle is located because that’s where we will transport you for your free ride. The free ride back service is only offered from establishments that serve alcohol; bars and restaurants only, no house parties, coffee shops etc…

Metro Daytona Beach residents who want to take advantage of the program can call 386-255-5555. The offer applies to patrons at any local bar or restaurant.

* Program is limited to two (2) trips per month



Reserve a Cab:


Required: All reservations must be confirmed by telephone, so please be sure the number you enter is correct.













24 Hours notice required
for online reservations



"The driver made the trip very nice."

–Posted by a Flywheel User on 5/5/2015

"I highly recommend this service; I used them recently for a ride to the airport. They were 20 minutes early and on my return my flight got cancelled. They were waiting on me in the terminal when I arrived, 3 hours late!"

–Posted by Day770 on 05/26/2008

"Your driver was extremely friendly, efficient and flexible, and for all of us those are critically important attributes."

–Francis P.


You relax, we drive.

Call 386-255-5555
Toll free 888-333-3356





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Since 1934 The Most Trusted & Reliable Taxi Company in the Metro Daytona Beach area.

What sets us apart:

  • The Largest Metro Daytona Taxi Fleet, 70 Full-Size Vehicles
  • Computer Aided Dispatched Means Fast, Reliable service!
  • Satellite Tracking provides Safety and Security for passengers!
  • Friendly and English speaking drivers!
  • 15% Discount for Pre-Arranged pickups from Daytona Internationa Airport (DAB). Call us and you will save money on your airport pick-up taxi service!
  • Every day, low competitive rates without sacrificing quality!
  • The Only Daytona Taxi Co. to Accept major Credit Cards!
  • Our Daytona Taxi Drivers are Drug Tested, Bi-Annual Background Checked &Trained!